5 Chord Tricks That Changed My Life

In this tutorial, I'm going to explain to you why your chords need to be interesting and 5 tricks you can do to your chords make them amazing, emotional, and fun to listen to.

Electronic songs are simply just chord progressions dressed up with a lot of synths and drums around them. In other words, the chords are the song. If your chords are too basic or not exciting, your listener will bounce off your song before the song ends and listen to the next song.

Spotify does not like songs that listeners do not fully listen to. In order for Spotify to boost your song rankings and get you more listeners, your music needs to be able to retain listeners for the full duration of the song. This is why some artists constantly appear on big, famous playlists. Spotify pays attention to the songs that have high retention rates and will share those songs on their biggest playlists.

The chords play a huge part in how interesting your song sounds. Chords are like the backbone of your song. If your chords are weak and fail to connect with your listeners emotionally, your entire song song will fail to impress the listener enough for them to want to continue listening to your song.

What I need to do is teach you how to keep your chords interesting over the duration of your song so that your listeners will adore your music and Spotify will have no choice but to put some firepower behind your tracks. Apple Music, Tidal, Youtube music and other music streaming services are very similar in the way they treat songs with high retention rates.

Below I've attached a tutorial that will teach you 5 tricks to do with your chords to ensure your chords stay interesting over duration of your song. I guarantee that if you watch this entire video, your song quality will increase by 20%.

WATCH: 5 Chord Tricks That Changed My Life

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  • Man the idea behind those chord progressions and the course itself has made life so easier for me and has sky rocketed my producing skills. Thank you so much. 👍🙏😀

    Mathew Bee Jordan

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