Avicii Made Amazing Melodies With This EASY Trick

by Alex MartinelliOct 06, 2019
Avicii Made Amazing Melodies With This EASY Trick

Author: Alex Rome 

In this tutorial, we discuss something super important about making powerful melodies. Powerful, memorable melodies are always the simplest ones that strike emotions in all of us.

The key to writing simple yet powerful melodies in the style of Avicii is to use rhythmic patterns in the form of AAAA, AAAB, ABAB, ABAC etc… When you use patterns like this, your melody will sound more organized, structured, and meaningful to your listeners.

I have had countless students who would aim at the idea that they need super complex and over thought melodies to win over their listeners. This idea couldn’t be more wrong.

Listeners of the music you’re aiming to produce desire simple melodic elements that are super easy on the ears. Simple and effective melodies are a lot easier to get stuck in the heads of your potential listeners.

Avicii has produced some of the most successful music of our time. Just look at the numbers on all of his songs. His melodies are so simple yet so effective. 

WATCH: Avicii Made Amazing Melodies Using This EASY Trick

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