How Avicii Arranged His Tracks (Arrangement Tutorial)

How to Arrange Your Tracks Like Avicii

The key to arranging a song like Avicii is giving yourself enough material to work with. This means that you should not start arranging directly after writing your chords, melody, drums, and bass.

If you were building a simple loop or a rap beat, you could simply write chords, melody, drums, and bass and then arrange the entire beat.

Electronic music is different and a whole lot more complex. Electronic music is an entire composition made up of pretty synths, moods, and beats.

To arrange a track like the biggest stars in the game, you need to give yourself enough good material to work with. Otherwise, you begin arranging your track too soon and run into a creator's block because you will not know the next move to make.

The way to arrange a track like Avicii is to give yourself multiple versions of each instrument.

This means multiple chord styles, multiple melody styles, multiple drum styles, and (sometimes) multiple basses.

Here is what it means to give yourself multiple versions of a melody.

Write an amazing melody, and then duplicate that melody and pick different presets for each melody. Multiple versions of a melody DOES NOT mean different melodies. It means the same melody but different sounds. Now, you can't just pick any old sound for your melodies!

You have to understand how you want your melody to evolve during the arrangement of the song and pick sounds based on that.

A great way to do this is to pick a light, soft sound for the melody that you can use in the quieter, low energy parts of your song and then pick big, exciting sounds for the melody that you can use in the chorus or high energy part of your song.

The same method would be applied to the other instruments in your song. For example, the drums could be really simple in the verse of your song but in the chorus, they could be really loud and aggressive.

The idea I am trying to pass on to you is that your instruments must evolve over the duration of your song.

If your instruments do not evolve then your song will sound flat, and boring.

The reason I picked Heaven by Avicii to do this video on is because he took the simplest melody and successfully carried it throughout an entire song without it ever sounding boring. He did this using the method that I just described.

The sound of the melody changes throughout the arrangement of the song and this is why it sounds fun and exciting the whole time!

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