How To Make Memorable Chords Like The Chainsmokers, Martin Garrix, and Avicii



In this video, we put together a simple chord progression using a proven method I teach in my EDM Bootcamp. This method does not require any knowledge in music theory. All you need is a set of ears.

Are you able to listen to music and decide if it sounds good? How about this.. Are you able to decide if music sounds bad? Pretty simple right? You can probably do both of these things quite well.

You've probably listened to songs before and subconsciously judged the song and either changed it to a better song or kept playing the song because it made you feel good.

Well, this chord writing method uses the same part of your brain that is able to tell if a song sounds good or bad.

This chord writing method will take some practice but it is the method that has helped ghost produce for big DJ's over the years, and helped my students overcome chord writing quickly without spending months studying music theory.

To execute this method, set yourself up so you can use your ears and emotions to create the chords.

I do this by writing a guide note (more on guide notes in the video). Guide notes should be written with nice instruments that you can connect with emotional.

They should sound nice on their own. I like to use airy guitar plucks and airy pianos.

Your next step is to construct a low pitched bass line with a piano or a pad. This bass line should have 4 fours total for a total loop length of 4 bars (to keep it simple).

Next, you construct the rest of the chords using the method I used in the video. Making Chainsmokers style chords is a lot simpler than you may think.

This method will allow you to connect with your chords on an emotional level and allow you to start creating chords like the Chainsmokers and other artists like them.

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