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Mixing and Mastering Masterclass

Full A-Z mixing course with over 20 lectures designed to teach producers of any skill level how to mix and master music at a professional level 

Learn the exact mixing and mastering tools and methods used by industry experts

Get unlimited track feedback from Alex Rome to keep your skills sharp over time

Course taught in Logic Pro X using stock plugins

"I’ve been through the course three times already and am not stopping soon. My tracks are literally sounding better every time I view the course"

-Rita A, Baltimore MD

"I reference this course every time I am on the mixing stage of my song. I honestly could not imagine where my music would be without access to this course" 

- Charlie M, Chicago IL

"My music hit a whole new level after this masterclass. My music is now being scouted by some record labels which would have never happened if I had never taken this course"

- Fran B, Montreal CA

"Thanks to Alex's help, I can now feel confident about performing my own music at live shows in Vegas"

-Morgan P, Las Vegas NV

Course Overview

This course is designed so that you can use it to reference the mixing method of any instrument.

Part 1: Mixing Instruments
How to mix pianos
How to mix sub bass
How to mix synth bass
How to mix synth leads
How to mix house drums
How to mix future bass/trap drums
How to mix big synth chords
How to mix atmospheres and arps
How to mix vocals
How to mix vocal chop melodies
How to mix synth pads
Mixing kick and bass together

Part 2: Mixing an Entire Electronic Song With Vocals From Scratch
This section is broken down into 6 video lessons and applies all of the mixing methods learned in part one of this course. In this section, we mix an entire electronic song from scratch.

Professional Grade Mastering Lesson
Proper Mixing Environment
All About Studio Monitors, Headphones, and Apple Earbuds

What you get with this course?

✓20+ in-depth mixing and mastering lectures
✓Lifetime access to the course and updates
✓Unlimited track feedback from Alex Rome and other students
✓Access to the Hitmaker Discord

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