Fully customizable, premium Serum Presets and Samples.

Dreamy, energetic leads, plucks, bass, and more for deep house and deep electronic genres

Usable in any DAW or music production program


Moonwake includes 450+ sounds, 1.3 GB's of files 

  • 130 Serum Presets, Plucks, Pads, Basses, Atmos, FX, Leads
  • 250 Samples, Percussion one-shots, Percussion loops, Atmos, Transitions, Impacts
  • 5 Song Building Kits (for any DAW, music program)



Usable in any DAW and music production program

Check em' out yourself!

Here's what's inside

How to open Serum Presets

Made by pro's.

Having reached over 6 million producers with our production content last year,

We've been fortunate enough to attract some top talent to help generate higher quality packs,

We want to help up-and-coming producers actually hear a difference in their own music,

Help them use better, deeper sound templates made by professional musicians,

And not to mention, 

Help you understand how high level sound design works.

Without deep knowledge of sound design, your music will lack depth, energy, and excitement.

Every sound we make is fully customizable and tweak-able to suit your own style, and can be layered to fit your track better if needed.

Incase we haven't met,

I'm Alex Rome,

I work, live, eat, and sleep music production everyday.

My aim is to pass down my years of experience to up-and-coming producers so you can spend more time on what matters.

Ive reached over 6 million producers with my production content last year (2021),

Helped some producers gain millions of streams on their music from nothing in the past few years, 

Some of which have even gotten attention from major labels and professionals,

We love to see it.Enjoy the content and I'll see ya around!

Spend time on what matters.

Realizing and making your own unique songs.

Don't spend too much time on stuff that's changing and evolving everyday, 

It's too detailed and time consuming,

And there are tons of tools and packs that help people get through this process much quicker,

The pros do it too (some have actually used my own packs in their music).

Battle Tested.

We’ve tested this pack with all genres and styles.

450 Total Sounds



Construction Kits (song building kits)

Every sound on the pack is intended to motivate and inspire you to make something with,

No matter what style or genre, EVERY sound.