Detailed Track Feedback From Alex Rome

Submit your music to Alex Rome for detailed, in-depth track feedback. All track feedback options come with 2 follow up emails.

Getting feedback from industry professionals is a great way to accelerate your skill and fix problems that not everyone can hear. My goal with giving track feedback is help you make your music sound as professional as possible.

What you can expect:
Feedback sessions start when you submit your track. I will listen to the track a few times and send you a detailed description on areas of your track you can improve.

Things I can help you improve on:
✓Sound design

After critiquing your music, I will recommend tools, resources, and methods you can use to fix problems your track has.

one time feedback


  • 1 Detailed track feedback
  • Monthly feedback


  • 1 Detailed track feedback per month


  • 2 Detailed track feedbacks per month