Learn Industry Level Chord Writing, Melody Writing, Arrangement, Mixing, and Mastering in 6 Weeks

EDM Production Bootcamp

 EDM Bootcamp is an online course with pre-recorded lectures that cover every aspect of music production. Although the course is structured in Weeks, it is actually self-paced so that you can access and complete the course on your own time. You can take as long as you'd like on each week of the course or complete it as quickly as you'd like. Once you send the fee for the course you will instantly gain lifetime access to the course.

All course owners will gain access to my premium Slack room where you will stay in touch with me during your time in the course and beyond. For a limited time, course owners will gain lifetime access to this Slack room. The Slack room is an exclusive chat room where you can share you tracks with me and other course owners for unlimited track feedback and comments. The Slack room is full of talent and is a great place to take full advantage of a community of ambitious like-minded producers like yourself. 

Topics covered:
✓Melody writing
✓Chord Writing
✓Song Arrangement
✓Drum Writing

✓Sound Design
✓Production Tips and Tricks

"Upgraded my sound almost instantly"

-Noah Pardy

"I got my first record deal 2 months after completing the EDM Bootcamp"

-Jake Lyons

"Never realized how much the quality of my music was holding me back. Since I’ve finished the bootcamp I’ve gotten bigger deals and have been able to tour around Atlanta and open for some of my idol DJ’s. Super excited to see what my future has in store for me"
-DJ Whiplash

"Went from total noob to signed and paid in 3 months of working with Alex"

- Eddie Mac

Course Overview

Week 1 
Producers will complete a full length house song from scratch. Producers will be provided with all materials used to create the track. Project files will also be provided for easy reference. 

Week 2

Producers will complete a full length future bass song from scratch. Producers will be provided with all materials used to create the track. Project files will also be provided for easy reference.

Week 3
Producers will learn the essential skills of chord writing, melody writing, and drum writing. This module is designed to increase the skills that will make you an extremely powerful producer.

Week 4
Producers will learn sound design tactics of major artists like Chainsmokers, Martin Garrix, Flume, and Kygo. Our goal with this module is to have you creating industry standard sounds from scratch.

Week 5
Producers will learn industry level mixing. Mixing is the stage of the music production process where you clean up your sound using sophisticated tools. After this stage, your music will be ready for finalization and for that professional touch.

Week 6
Producers will learn how to master and finalize a song. Mastering makes your music industry level loud and tight.

Don't just hear it from me, listen to what some of my students have said about EDM Bootcamp...

"I worked with Alex for 2 years and now I’m fortunate to tour India doing what I love as a DJ. My music really took off after enrolling in the course. I had no clue what I wasn’t doing right when producing songs but in the first two weeks of the bootcamp everything was clarified"
Vanmoon, Delhi, India

"I've taken Alex's older courses before so when the Bootcamp came out it was a no brainer. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to skip years of trying to figure everything out. Alex puts all the answers right in front you and you won't struggle with music production ever again"
Joey Holli, Toledo, Ohio

Here is one of the two songs that you will complete in the Bootcamp

What You Get With This Course

✓50+ In-depth lectures
✓Unlimited track feedback from Alex Rome
✓Lifetime access to the course platform and updates
✓Full A-Z education in music production
✓Access to Hitmaker Discord to ask questions and receive feedback

Common Q&A

Where can I access the course?
What if I am not satisfied with this course and want a refund?
I don't use Logic Pro X, will the EDM Bootcamp still help me?
What if I have questions about a topic in the course?
What tools do I need to take this course?