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Learn chord writing, melody writing, sound design, arrangement, and mixing with our structure and feedback based learning program. This program is self-paced and contains 140+ pre-recorded lessons.

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Our program is results driven and has helped producers learn timeless production skills and also start their careers in music production

Contents of this learning program

EDM Bootcamp Accelerator

60+ Structured Lessons

This is the main course in the of the EDM Bootcamp program. Producers will complete two full length song as well as gain foundational skills in chord writing, melody writing, arrangement, mixing, and mastering.

Mixing and Mastering Masterclass

20+ Structured Lessons

Once you conquered the fundamentals of song building, it is time to process your song and get it ready for the biggest streaming platforms. This course covers compression, EQ, stereo imaging, balancing and mastering techniques to help you finalize your mix with that much desired professional polish.

Music Theory for Producers

30+ Structured Lessons

Ever dream of building chords and melodies as good as your idles? Well this is the course that will give you the skills to get there. This course was designed to get you writing beautiful chords and melodies while learning the important music theory behind them.

Vocal Mixing Masterclass

40+ Structured Lessons

Working with vocals is an essential skill of any producers. Most songs producers make will contain some amount of vocal content. I added this supplementary course to the EDM Bootcamp program to help students build the skills necessary to win at anything vocals. This course shows students how to process vocals for any genre, how to build songs with vocals, and how to mix songs with vocals.

Access to a growing community

Life-time access

EDM Bootcamp is community based. I designed this program to give students access to what is missing in the music production industry. It is very hard for producers to meet other like-minded individuals who can help them excel at their craft. This program gives students access to an ambitious community of signed, working, and amateur producers who can't wait to meet and work with you.

Reliable feedback system

Life-time access

This program comes with lifetime access to my inner circle. This is where students can share music, and collaborate with other students as well as seek feedback and suggestions on their music. This is inner circle is hosted on a downloadable app called Slack.