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Music Theory for Producers

Music Theory for Producers

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  • 40+ pre-recorded and structured lessons
  • All essential music theory concepts covered such as steps, scales, key signatures, notes, chords, intervals, all basic music theory terminology, notation, musical time, rhythm, and more.
  • Covers basic (entry level) and advanced chord writing techniques
  • Covers basic and advanced melody writing techniques
  • Includes four guides (chord charts and scale charts)
  • Self-paced
  • Lifetime access to all future updates
  • 30 day money-back guarantee
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"I love how this course just jumps into the stuff we actually need in order to make chords and melodies. I've never had the patience to learn music theory. Alex teaches with demonstration and because of this, I was able to make music that I am actually proud within 1 day!!! I highly recommend this course"

Jordan Baywood (

"Have taken multiple courses and watched 100's of tutorials on chord writing and NONE of those came anywhere close to the value in this course. I thought this course was just going to be another theory course but it goes way beyond that. This is the only course I've found that really shows you how to make unique chords and melodies"

Zahand (

Want to know the techniques behind how I make beautiful chords and melodies with ease?

Or how about a relaible way for how you can finally make your musical ideas come to life?

It all starts with the fundamentals

No, you don't need thousands of years of music theory to be able to make good chords and melodies

You don't need any background in music to make good chords and melodies either

You don't even need the ability to play an instrument

All you need is the fundamentals of music theory (taught in a way that producers like you understand) and then the framework that shows you how to use the fundamentals to develop your own sound

This course is your chance to simplify the most over-complicated subject on the internet: Music Theory

The best investment you can make in your sound

You must start strong and build essential skills like:

  • Understanding chord theory
  • Understanding melody theory
  • Building chords and melodies from scratch
  • Creating harmony
  • Defining emotion with chords
  • Writing powerful chord progression
  • Developing your own unique sound
  • Understanding musical time
  • Understanding the rules of harmony
  • Translating your musical ideas into your DAW

Introducing Music Theory for Producers

Learn how to write all-star level chords and melodies with 40+ straight-to-the-point lessons

Module 1

The Basics

In this module, you will learn the basic theory concepts and framework behind any and all music. The basics are essential when it comes to crafting your own sound. This module contains no 'fluff' and is strictly focused on the concepts that you absolutely need in order to get you writing your own chords and melodies as fast as possible.

Module 2

Chord Class

This module is application and practice based. After learning the basics of music theory in module one, it is time to start applying those concepts in module two. This module gives you the tools and flexibility needed to write powerful progressions and also add your personal touch to them.

Module 3

Melody Class

Melody class covers all the different melody types. This class starts of with the basics of how to write simple melodies, then, teaches how you can step up your melody writing skills into more advanced melody writing methods. My goal with this module was to give you timeless melody-writing skills that will allow you to speak to your listeners through melody.

You don't need to be musically gifted to make great chords and melodies. You just need a proven framework.

Let me guess…

You have plenty of hit melodies in your head but you lack the knowledge needed to make those melodies come to life?

Or maybe you can write simple melodies, but feel like your melodies lack energy and uniqueness

The problem isn’t that you’re not musically gifted,

it’s that you lack the simple fundamentals and framework of basic music theory

The formula for learning to write powerful chords and melodies is simple:

Step 1: Learn the basics of music theory and how music works

Step 2: Learn how to write basic chords and melodies

Step 3: Apply our timeless framework for developing your own unique (and advanced) chords and melodies

Our flagship course Music Theory for Producers teaches chord and melody writing in these three steps

Join now and learn the theory and techniques behind:

  • Basic chords (triads)
  • Chord progressions
  • Complex chords
  • Emotion based chord progressions
  • Modes
  • Basic melodies
  • Call and response melodies
  • Transitional melodies
  • Passing notes
  • Topline melodies
  • Arpeggios
  • Articulation
  • Finding your own unique sound
  • Scales
  • Harmony
  • Circle of fiths
  • Rhythm
  • Beats, measures, musical time
  • Time signatures
  • Voice leading

...and many more timeless techniques to ensure this is the last music theory course you will ever need.

How to make beautiful, pro-level chords and melodies

It’s no question that the most important part of any song is the melody

The melody is the part of the song that listeners connect with and remember the most

But the question is, how do you make really good, and unique melodies?

You may have tried:

Watching countless tutorials about melody writing but found that tutorials lack the structure you need

Using midi packs only to find out that it is hard to get a unique sound when using other people’s melodies

Aimlessly placing notes until you come up with a melody, or chord progression that you like

The truth is that these are all great methods of learning principles of melody writing

However, these methods won’t give you the rinse-and-repeat framework that you can use to create great melodies and chord progressions over and over

This is where we come in

To give you the relevant and structured framework that you need in order to create the chords and melodies you dream about creating

You know you have the power to give the world great music

You just need a chord and melody writing framework in order to do that

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