300 Guitar Chords and Melodies to Set Your Music Apart

Usable in any DAW or music production program

Guitar Suite Vol. 1

  • 300 drag-and-drop guitar samples for music producers
  • Made for electronic, pop, and hip-hop producers
  • Both wet and dry recordings included
  • All recorded on a real guitar
  • 100% Royalty Free



Usable in any DAW and music production program

Check em' out yourself!

Why Guitar Suite?

Easy To Use

Get started on your next track quickly with instant inspiration and quality melodies.  Each sample is thoroughly organized and labeled for you to have maximum efficiency and creativity in your music.

Endless Customization

This pack has a wet and dry version of each loop and melody. This will give you endless possibilities to manipulate and filter each guitar loop to suit your own genre, style, and energy.

For Artists and Producers

Perfect for Recording Artists, Musicians, and Video Producers. This pack ranges from lofi hip hop styles to high energy pop/ dance styles and works great with numerous different applications. 

Watch Guitar Suite Vol. 1 in Action!

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