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Want to level up your music production and song writing skills more quickly? My courses below are premium structured courses that cover everthing related to music production whether electronic music production, music theory, chord writing, melody writing, sound design, and much more!

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EDM Bootcamp Accelerator

Learn the fundamentals of electronic music production with this structured course.

✔ 60+ structured lessons
✔ Class materials included
✔ Covered topics include melody writing, chord writing, arrangement, sound design, mixing, and mastering.

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Music Theory for Producers

A course that dives into the core of music theory, equipping you with the skills to craft beautiful chords and melodies.

✔ 30+ structured lessons
✔ Music Theory guides included
✔ Chord writing techniques
✔ Melody writing techniques

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Mixing and Mastering Masterclass

This A to Z mixing course equips you with the tools and skills to transform raw recordings into professional, distribution-ready music.

✔ 40+ structured lessons
✔ Covers all essential mixing plugins
✔ Step-by-step mixdown included

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Ultimate Course Bundle

This bundle includes 4 separate courses that are designed for beginner producers to learn every element of music production. These courses are comprised of on-demand videos that you can access and complete around your own unique schedule. Once you purchase these courses, you will immediately be sent an email with your login information.

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  • Includes Music Theory For Producers (30+ lessons)
  • EDM Bootcamp Accelerator (60+ lessons)
  • Vocal Mixing Masterclass (40+ lessons)
  • Over 152 structured music production lessons
  • Class materials provided within each course
  • Lifetime access to all course content and updates
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More Courses and Learning Options


Vocal Mixing Masterclass

Learn how to edit and process vocals for any genre. This course comes with structured course content as well as royalty-free vocal acapellas to practice, follow along, and make your own music with.

✔ 40+ structured lessons
✔ Royalty-free vocal acapellas included
✔ Lifetime access

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1 on 1 Coaching Plans

Interested in sky-rocketing your music production skills with the 1 on 1 help of Alex Rome? Get a personalized coaching program with weekly or monthly 1 on 1 zoom sessions, customized practice plans, assignments, and more!

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