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Future Colors
Simon Rimmington
Future Colors - An excellent preset pack

I recently purchased the "Future Colors" preset pack from Alex Rome. As a fledgling music producer, finding high-quality presets that enhance my tracks and streamline my workflow is crucial, and this pack delivered on all fronts.

The presets are well crafted, with thoughtfully designed parameters, and fit well into my music.

Unlike those overwhelming collections with thousands of presets that often lead to preset overload, this pack delivers a curated selection of presets that are truly usable.

Great job Alex.

Future House Stars For XFER Serum

Free Guitar Pack
Hayden Wallace

Great sounds fr fr

Free Guitar Pack
Tshiamo Bontsi

Free Guitar Pack

Hey Alex,


I just purchased your Vocal Collection Bundle, but I didn’t receive my Eternal Mixing Preset file with my purchase, all I got was – Eternal Vocals pack and Mainstage Vocals, I can’t see any mixing preset folder.




Free Guitar Pack
Ian Blair

Love them bro

Future Colors
Franz Karch
no answers

i bought some stuff. Had a question and wrote to Alex Romes Helpline - never got an answer - no more reviews from me

Free Guitar Pack
Sten Erik Økland

Free Guitar Pack

Eternal Vocal Presets
christer moberg

Love it

Producer Sound Bundle
shimon zeivald

it sounds excellent .good sound.

Free Guitar Pack
Dibbiyang Roy

Free Guitar Pack

Vocal Collection Bundle
Alexander Schnell
Awesome bundle

The Bundles from Alex Rome are very awesome. I like that and will purchase more in the future

Eternal Vocals
Barry Wallace
Eternal Vocals

Quality was good but the file names were to long, problem with unzipping.
Some songs were little to short but for the price generally happy.

Guitar Suite Vol. 1
Donnell Ray
High Quality and Very Inspirational

Feels like I hired a session player.

Nice collection with little flaws

I just used vocal 5#, really nice one. Had to do some work to make it fit into my song, though. Timing was ok for me, but Volume was very inconsistent, in a disturbing way. But the vocal itself is of good quality, and otherwise well recorded and edited. Made a downtempo song from it, with teardrops fropm MA in Mind.

Side note: Had problems unzipping your files with windows 11. Had to use an external unzipper, built-in windows file management didn't work for it. Strange.
Thanks for the vocal pack and your YT channel, appreciated.

Eternal Vocals
Jaroslaw Jan Kucharczyk
Quality for good price

Really professional pack for this price.

Vocal dreams

I purchased the pack last night and immediately started diving into the new sounds and samples. The vocal collection bundle brings a variety of tools to your pack to create some really creative sounds. I mainly wanted this to cut some vocals to enhance my chords and I feel it really has what I was looking for.

Download error

Hello, I did email a couple of days ago but have heard nothing back. I purchased the vocal pack and producer bundle. I’m very happy with the producer pack, thank you. I love it. But the vocal packs do not actually contain any vocals at all. I haven’t got any full length vocals at all in the download. I did send screenshots for proof. If nothing can be done about this can I please get refunded on the vocal pack only or I would be happy to receive credit for another sound pack.

I hope to here from you soon, thank you.

Free Guitar Pack

дякую за безкоштовний матеріал, буде не лишнім в роботі.

Eternal Vocals
Djamel Yachou


Orbital Preset Pack
Christopher Engbrecht
Love it

I appreciate what you do to help producers learn electronic music, I am a singers/songwriter who stared as a musician, I was always struggling to find passion just recording vocals because its not what I grew up on. I am very inspired by your videos and have learned so much from watching your youtube so thank you for helping me unlock potential I always wanted but never new I had it truly means the world even if we have never talked. I really hope we get a chance to do some work one day.

Great sound pack!

My first Serum sound pack and I love it. The Logic template and all the samples are top notch!

Universal Vocal Collection

Eternal Vocals (With Bonus Pack)
Jonathan Fannon

Great quality, still have yet to explore all the included sounds but the ones I have messed with are impressive. Highly satisfied and will buy more packs later as they come out.

This pack is awesome

Been at a bit of a stumbling block with sound selection, but this pack has some really nice synths and has opened up the door to having a much more efficient work flow since so many of the sounds are just what I need to get some awesome future bass tracks going.