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Error in file

Great samples but when downloading and extracting there is something wrong with the file, tried emailing you but didn’t get any response.

Orbital Preset Pack
Jean Thervil

Orbital Preset Pack

kevin brandow
Love ❤️ it!

The presets are all usable! Great tones that fit in with my music. I’ve learned a lot from Alex!

Orbital Preset Pack
Jose Rodrigues


Great sounds

Eternal Vocals

I really love these vocals. It’s expensive to buy vocals of this quality, and the many elements that come along with this package. So I’m really happy with the quality, and price of this purchase.
Look forward much more of this type of content in the near future.
Keep up the good work Alex.

Super vocal set

Hi Alex Rome,
Thanks for the phenomenal lessons - you are the like "Steve Jobs" in domain of music mixing/mastering - (I hope your childhood was better than his = you did not have "a too-early kick-start- survival- awakening-life realisation moments"
Branko Petrusevski

Does this work on cakewalk

Roy Parkinson
Help Please

Help please. Hi Alex & the team.
Have just bought Moonwake as a preset for my recently purchased Serum and followed Alex's video to put Moonwake into the Serum Presets File together with A R s Picks pre-order/Daydream/Vocal song and A Rs Top Xfer Serum Presets. They all appear in the Serum Presets File, BUT they do NOT show in the Library Box so I can't use them or hear them It is as if they are BLOCKED in some way as they have not been loaded into the library list. Originally, I bought the Big Orbital Pack but as I didn't have Serum at that time, had to ask for a refund. I now have Serum but feel that there is some kind of BLOCKAGE of all of Alex Rome Sounds and all A R Sounds are BLOCKED somehow. Please help me, I want to use all these great sounds but can't.
When downloading I had a warning saying that it did not recognise VST and then disappeared?. I have Mac Monterey and DAW is Logic Pro X.
Any Suggestions Please ?
Best Regards.

Awesome Presets

Great Presets trying to work with the Nebula and stringy preset for one of my songs!

Worth Buying it

These presets are Absolute fire. My work is gonna easier now. Thank you Alex Sir. Keep working harder. You are great and awesome.

Orbital Preset Pack
Matthew Davis

These helped me speed up my learning process with inspiring sounds!

Orbital Preset Pack
Rujira McGough

I really enjoyed doing music and creating a different style by using an Orbital preset, it sounds amazing and highly recommend it to my producer friends

Eternal Vocals (with bonus pack)
Ruben Van Der Smissen
Top pack

Very nice sound pack, easy to use and perfect for my productions

petar vucetin

Very nice

Vocal Collection Bundle
Lukas Hofbauer
The best Part is missing

Please contact me! Ive already sent an email, But got no answer!

silski thierry


J. Rust
Very useful sounds!

I love the sounds and the construction kits. They are very inspiring!!

Joel Chadney
Had an issue with the pre-order but the staff resolved it -- I'm loving the pack

Had an issue that the staff resolved. I'm loving the new pack!

Michael Hellquist

Fantastic Alex

Philp Miller
Another Great set of presets

Every pack Alex releases has gems and this one is no exception!

Rene Lorenz
Beautiful work once again

Love to work with these presets. Beautifully crafted and great to play with Macro switches to enhance the sound.

Christiaan Heydenrych
The project samples are in Ableton

The project samples are in Ableton - I missed that before purchasing and they were one of the main reasons for buying. Your videos are mostly in Logic so I assumed the project files would also be in logic. The samples and serum presets are great though.

This the effin truth.

The vocal presets are great they surpassed my expectations exceed them actually. Especially if you don’t have a real vocal recording booth in a normal sized bedroom with glass mirrors for closet doors… yes All of them have a unique sound to them & are actually worth 27 bucks. For 80 presets I think it’s a steal. Thank you, Alex.
- J

Eternal Vocals

Sound good.