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Orbital Preset Pack

Orbital Preset Pack
Charles Baumann

Orbital Preset Pack

Only the best…

Another fantastic pack. Nothing but good things to say about it. Thanks Alex!

Universal Vocal Collection
Maximilian Ziemer Rueda
Still can’t download files and still haven’t gotten an answer


waiting for an answer

I sent a question but did not get an answer. Seems to me that there is a problem getting the Audio Files in Cubase 12 pro in the same tempo as the project is in.

Track in a box

Great pack thank you, seemed a bit like cheating using the vocal packs but no different to getting a singer in I guess - Very easy to use and great quality.

Guitar Suite Vol. 1
Jason Hathaway
Downloaded this and finished a track off in one evening

Thamks Alex from the UK.
Your youtube content has inspired me more than you can imagine. Have downloaded 4 of your packs so far and and done 2 tracks off the back of them in 2 weeks thank you.

Great vocals

I noticed this vocal pack in one of your tutorials and fell love with it. Absolutely amazing.

Have a listen:

I would love to have some deep ish, groocy vocals (Meduza style etc) and some Avicii styled country ish vocals.

Always good

I have all 3 preset packs available on Alex Rome’s site, and I have liked all of them so far! Very versatile, and have so many options gives me ideas when I don’t know what sound to use on a given song


The package is of good quality. However, I had to spend some time correcting some timing/rhythmical issues.

Orbital Preset Pack
Adam Bettger
Tired of spending countless hours finding pro sounds on Serum?

Alex has done the hard work so you don’t have to. Orbital is a fantastic pack with so many professional sounds ready to go. I was stuck in a writer’s block and this pack unlocked it. Thanks for putting together all these sounds. Highly recommend!!

Only see one Logic project

hi, I saw the website saying that there will be two logic projects in the music package "sounds of the future". After purchasing, I found that there is only one logic template project. Is it because I did not see the complete download information? Can you help me to see what is the problem.

Orbital Preset Pack
Kevin Green
Comparability issue - seeking a refund

Hi, please don’t take this as a review - I have a compatibility issue that I can’t find the help to resolve. I’m running an iMac using Maschine. If it can be resolved I would appreciate it and indeed I am certain this would lead to further purchases. I am also considering enrolling on your EDM masterclass as I have been so impressed with the YouTube content.

Orbital Preset Pack
Omar Abdelrahim
Not in need actually.

Hey Alex,

I know you'll read that.

I didn't buy the pack because I need them. I'm a beginner (2 weeks) so it's a bit early for me to need it.
I bought it as supoprt for you because you Youtube videos helped me like no other.
This is my "thank you" to you, brother.


Purchased weong pack

Hey there, I sent an email yesterday about it, but I wrote to say I purchased the wrong pack. I watched the 5 baseline video on YouTube and went to purchase the orbital pack but accidentally bought this. I don’t even know what this pack is to be honest. Could I please get an exchange or something? Please

Eternal Vocals (with bonus pack)

Sounds of the Future
Vincent Bales
Even more great sounds!

I was a big fan of Orbital, and I enjoy this pack just as much. The sounds are mostly easy to tweak to my liking with the small bit of Serum knowledge I possess.

Eternal Vocals (with bonus pack)

Sounds great

Try something with it

Guitar Suite Vol. 1
Not good

Not good

Orbital Preset Pack
Vincent Bales
Great preset pack!

I’ve gone through quite a few of these sounds and they fit very well into the genre I aim to produce. Thank you!

Eternal Vocal Presets
Mark Bolger (Artist/Producer)

Alex! Thanks for these presets, they’re really putting my vocals right where I want them to be! - Mark Bolger

Orbital Preset Pack
Aki Virtanen
Great package

Nice plucks and pads.. and risers were a suprise!


Quality presets!!

Guitar Suite Vol. 1
nathaniel burgess
Very Well Done Guitar Work

Wanna tell you Thank You from the Producer Community on these guitars and how they were treated during recording. You've done stellar work! Can wait from Volume 2

Producer Stylzkeyz