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Free Guitar Pack
Eddy Misc

The best sample pack ever!!!!


best sample

Great Sounds

Perfect... Thanks Alex

Free Guitar Pack
Parth Bavkar

It's a good one


Both great packs with great sounds

Free Guitar Pack
John Kira

Free Guitar Pack

Free Guitar Pack
Gerald Syslo
Guitar Pack

Loved the guitar pack. Haven't done anything with them yet. I'm new to making music but have a great passion for it. I watch you're videos and have really learned a lot from them. The demographic I share my work with has really seen a growth in my material, thank you. Situations have me limited, so for now I'm working with fl studio mobile on my Samsung Z fold. It's not ideal but gets the job done. I have committed to staying away from loops in order to establish the ability to write the Melodies myself. I've listened to the loops multiple times for inspiration on writing. I was looking for more dwp downloads for fl mobile. I need a keyboard to advance my growth so I'm working on that now. Thanks again for the free download.

Orbital Preset Pack
Elijah Nicholson
I love it!

I've been working my way through your YouTube channel, which by far has some of the best advice I've heard yet. Figured after watching you break out the orbital pack across multiple tracks that'd I'd just give in and play with it too!

Free Guitar Pack
Lameck Osero

Free Guitar Pack

Eternal Vocals
Christopher Dodd
High quality

I LOVE the quality of this pack. I do wish there were more small samples of each of the full tracks.

Nothing after purchase

After purchasing the course, I didnt get an Email with my login information.
BUT after an Email to the "help contact" I got really fast an answer with my data.
And the course is in my opinion really good! Its a bit more simple than I hoped it is, but it brings so many good information.
Thank you very much!

Free Guitar Pack
Magnus Neal
Have not tried it yet

I decided to get it, but I haven't incorporated the sound pack to anything yet. But I did enjoy listening to both wet and dry sounds. If you want I will send you audio of me using it.

Free Guitar Pack
Ihor Ionenko


Free Guitar Pack
Kaleab Melese

Free Guitar Pack

Free Guitar Pack
César Alejandro Arrieta Nureña

Free Guitar Pack

Eternal Vocals
Connor Fuqua

Alex’s vocal pack is incredible. Very clear, quality sounds. The midi files are very helpful as well. Will continue to support Alex.

Free Guitar Pack
Franklin Parker

The free quitar pack is has inspired me in this music making and has also makes my works easier

Free Guitar Pack
Elise Leclerc
Free Guitar Pack Review

I love it
The fact that we have dry guitars and processed guitars is amazing and it's for free!!!

Vocal Collection Bundle

Free Guitar Pack
Ever Romero

Free Guitar Pack

brady anderson
Good soup.

Awesome pack, his YouTube has thought me allot

No communication

Paid for a vocal collection bundle and received 2/3 of the files paid for. Sent an email and no response. Files are not easy to work with if you are used to working with fitting vox to a song last and not 1st. The files themselves are so so. The verses are good but the hooks are not as good.

pretty good

could be better if it had more but i like them

Producer Sound Bundle
Carter Zaccariello

I was unable to use sounds I wish I really could though.

Eternal Vocals
Absolut awesome

Keep up the good work Dude!